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At ElderCare, each of our high quality services is custom-designed to meet the individual needs of clients and their families.

Do you need someone to drive you to appointments?
To your family?
Your car or ours - we can get you there.

Meal planning and preparation according to your individual dietary needs ensure there are no interactions with the prescribed medications.
We'll even do the grocery shopping.

Be prepared with Peace of Mind Membership.
A person to talk to, to listen, and to send help if needed.


In-Home Care Services & Assisted Living in the comfort and privacy of your own home

Sarasota In Home Care Services and Management provide senior adults the opportunity for independent living at home as an alternative to nursing homes and assisted living facilities. You can get quality medical and non-medical care in your own home giving you peace of mind.

Our Mission is to provide an environment that encourages you or your loved one to maintain interest in personal, social, professional and family activities; to continue and possibly enhance your current lifestyle by providing medical and non-medical assistance, exclusive personal in-home senior care assistance, individual in-home companionship, compassionate in-home caregivers, CNA/HHA's, and LPN/RN's.

Sarasota ElderCare Services: Trusted, Compassionate Home Care

Flexible, state-licensed in-home senior care services and assisted living services are available temporarily or permanently to care for you part-time or around-the-clock, live-in or live out. These services include:

  • Complete Care, Respite ElderlyCare (temporary care enabling family caregivers to take a break or vacation), End-of-Life Care
  • Medical Management & Medication Setup, Administration & Monitoring by Licensed Nurses (Licensed Nurses under Physician's order)
  • Meal Planning & Meal Preparation
  • Personal Care & Exercise, Companionship, Elderly Personal Care (e.g., help with bathing, dressing, grooming)
  • Light Housekeeping Help & Laundry
  • Transport Service, Errands, Grocery Shopping, Transfers (e.g., help getting into & out of bed, chair, tub), Hurricane Evacuations & Tracking
  • In-Home Maintenance
  • Peace of Mind
You can get quality medical and non-medical in-home care with ElderCare. Our compassionate, competent in-home caregivers ensure you will always feel safe, secure and comfortable in your own home.

Assisted Living in the comfort and privacy of your own home Serving Sarasota, Venice and Keys/Islands

Senior home care services sarasota
The later years of life can bring many joys and many challenges. At ElderCare Services Unlimited Care Management, we are committed to making these precious years as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible with assisted living.

Our duty is to provide high-quality senior housing and assisted living throughout the United States. With home care services ranging from assisted and independent living to skilled nursing, in-home caregivers, in-patient rehabilitation and memory care, ElderCare Services Unlimited Care Management, is ready to provide the services you need when you need them. Caring for seniors is truly our duty and passion.

Our care givers are people with generous hearts, warm spirits and genuine compassion for others. We consider ourselves trusted members of your extended family with a tremendous responsibility to you and your loved ones.

We, at ElderCare Services Unlimited Care Management understand your concerns when it comes to making decisions regarding your family. For many people, our in-home senior care and assisted living is the best solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and loving relationships. There's a good chance we could be right for you, too. We provide senior adults the opportunity for independent living at home as an alternative to nursing homes and assisted living health facilities. You can get quality medical and non-medical care in your own home giving you peace of mind.

Benefits of Care Management & In-Home Senior Care Sarasota

  • Professional assessment of needs
  • Instituting the full range of support needed to remain living comfortably and safely at home
  • Addressing issues before problems arise or begin to threaten health, safety, independence, comfort or dignity
  • Coordinating services with doctors and other care providers
  • Reducing the care-giving burden on local family members
  • Keeping family members informed about changing needs, while providing a local contact for out-of-town families
  • Recommending and coordinating alternative living arrangements if needed

Hire a leader in the field of elder care and senior home care assistance!

in-home caregivers sarasota
ElderCare Services Unlimited Care Management is a member of the National Association of PrivateDuty Home Care, SCAN and affiliated with the Sarasota Chapter of the National Alzheimer's Association. ElderCare is proud to be featured in the 2012-2013 editions of the Best of Sarasota Magazine - Health Issue for its outstanding Sarasota Home Care and Assisted Living Services.

In today's health care environment, medical care is not like it used to be. Costs are skyrocketing and treatment has become fast-paced and impersonal. Not with us. At ElderCare Services Unlimited Care Management, our clients/patients come first. We know them by name. That's because ElderCare Services Unlimited Care Management is in the business of helping patients live better and feel better by bringing innovative care to you or your loved one -- at home or in an assisted, private and independent in-home living facility.

We coordinate with our patients' doctors to provide specific courses of treatment and report all required documentation on their behalf. Our care is some of the most individualized and cost effective in the health care industry. And, our nurses, therapists and clinicians are dedicated medical professionals with big hearts. Their goal is to create extraordinary patient experiences every day.

Feel safe, secure and comfortable in your own home with ElderCare in-home health care providers and personal assistants.

Senior Home Care Services Sarasota: You can get quality medical and non-medical care in your own home with Elder Care Services

Whether you have the support of other family members or are the sole family caregiver, to find the best care for your loved one you will have to do research, ask questions and make many decisions, some that are very difficult. We are experienced in helping families deal with the issues that arise as a loved one age or deals with a chronic illness. We can help you at every stage of this process and assist you in making the right decisions for your loved one, your family and you.

Our compassionate, competent in-home caregivers ensure you will always feel safe, secure and comfortable in your own home. Contact us for more information. Learn about our Care Management Services and Assisted Living Services.

Contact us for more information. Learn about our Sarasota Home Health Care Services & Assisted Living and ask us for our care plans.
Eldercare Sarasota
Wellness for Seniors by Eldercare Sarasota

Yoga - Holistic Exercise for Seniors

Let's face it, we all want to grow older gracefully. We want to be seen as wise and experienced instead of as old. And most importantly we do not want to talk about the pains and aches we begin to feel. Those pains can make us feel everything but graceful. But what if I told you that joint stress and osteoarthritis don't have to control your life as you age? Simply by adding a little bit of exercise to your routine, you'll notice those pains slowly disappear again!

yoga for seniors So what sort of exercise should you be focusing on? Yoga!
Yoga offers so many benefits, both physical and mental. By incorporating yoga in your daily routine, you will suddenly notice how much easier everyday activities become. Yoga is especially centered around improving flexibility as well as providing strength training for your joints. This can significantly improve any stiff or achy feelings in your body. In fact, many studies have shown the precise benefits of yoga for the management of osteoarthritis. The studies show that it is the slow and simple movements of yoga that allow your muscles to relax and loose while simultaneously toning and increasing joint support.
Yoga is also known for improving balance as well as blood pressure. It should be no surprise that as we age, we become a little less grounded in our movements. It just happens. That is when certain yoga poses can really help by requiring focus and stability. By practicing these poses, you can decrease the likelihood of losing balance in your everyday life and even help your body become stronger so it can recover faster if you do suffer a fall. Yoga also helps reduce stress which in return reduces certain factors in high blood pressure in the elderly. As studies state, seniors are at extreme risk for hypertension which can lead to many cardiovascular diseases. With yoga, the body begins to find a balance within itself again, leading to healthier blood pressure.

The benefits of yoga go on and on. Whether you are looking to reduce your anxiety or you want to simply find a way to feel better physically, yoga can help you achieve it all. As you begin to practice yoga, make sure to keep an open mind and really try! Before you realize it, the benefits will start appearing before your eyes.

Example Yoga Poses for Seniors to Start

Tree Pose

tree pose for seniors Tree pose helps to improve balance and improves leg and abdominal strength.

Stand tall and place one foot on the opposite inner thigh. As you gain balance you can draw your raised foot upward. You can start as low as you want either above or below the knee. Open the leg to the side, bring your hands to prayer either in front of your body or above the head and stay for a few breaths.

Warrior II

Warrior II for seniors
This pose improves lower body strength, it strengthens your legs, butt, back and shoulders. You also get to stretch your hips, groin, and inner thighs.

Start out with your right leg. Hinge forward fron your hips. Step your right foot behind you, pointing your toes out at a 45-degree angle with your balance focused on the outer edge of your foot. Keep this leg straightened. Your hips should remain facing the front of your mat. Your left leg should be in front of you with your foot pointed forward and square your hips facing forward.
Bend your left knee at as close to a 90-degree angle as you can, keeping your knee right above your foot.
Reach both arm out at shoulder height.
Hold this pose for a few breaths and feel the strength in your left thigh and shoulders.
Repeat with your other leg.


cobra pose for seniors
Excellent for improving upper back strength and flexibility.

Begin by lying face down on your stomach place your hands palm down under your shoulders. Use your upper back muscles to lift your chest off the floor. Relax your shoulders, expand your chest and look forward. Hold this position for a few breaths then gently lower your chest onto the floor again.

Knees to Your Chest

knee to chest yoga pose for seniors This exercise stretches the lower back and hips. It also relaxes the mind.

Lie on your back and bring both knees to your chest. Hug your legs with both arms. Enjoy the calming effect of this pose for as long as your want.

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