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Nutrition and Supplements for Seniors

Supplements for seniors
We all want to live a healthy lifestyle. We want to be able to wake up every morning feeling like the best versions of ourselves. Well what if I told you that the key to keeping your body happy and healthy was something you were already doing? Or better yet, something you were already EATING!

That's right, a proper diet is just as important to maintaining that healthy lifestyle as exercise. In fact, there are a handful of diseases and conditions that can be avoided just by eating the right things.
Supplements for seniors The number one nutritional factor to pay attention to is micronutrients. It is very common for our diets to become more routine and basic as we get older. Cooking can seem like a hassle so we automatically opt for simple meals that we know we like. Well this can actually be causing a problem for your body. A lack of variety in your meals can lead to a micronutrient deficiency. In other words, your body isn't getting everything it needs and you may not even know it yet!

So how do we keep our diet healthy and interesting? It's simple! It is important to fill your fridge with food that is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and fruits and vegetables. Besides those, there are 10 basic categories of foods that make up a good elderly diet. Let's take a look.
omega 3 supplements for seniors 1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
These foods can help combat diseases such as cancer, arthritis, and heart disease. By eating meals filled with fish such as sardines, tuna, or salmon twice a week, you can even reduce your risk for Alzheimers. Not a big fish fan? Not to worry. The fatty acids can also be found in flaxseed, soybeans, canola oil, and walnuts.

2. Water
This one is a no brainer! Your bodies ability to store waters decreases with age so it becomes more and more important to take in water throughout the day.

3. Fiber
It is no secret that our digestive system gets a little slower as we age. By adding wholegrain cereal, brown rice, fruits, and veggies to our diets, we can make sure to keep things moving along.

4. Calcium
This one is all about keeping our bones happy and healthy. Keep some dairy products such as milk, cheese, or yogurt on hand in order to strengthen brittle bones. As we get older, our bodies actually need more calcium which is why it can be extremely helpful to take a supplement in addition to the calcium in our diets.

5. Iron
Ever wonder why you feel lethargic? Why your body feels tired? That would be a lack of iron. Iron is responsible for carrying the oxygen through your blood. But don't worry, if you aren't a big fan of red meat, there are a ton of supplements that can be taken.
nutrition supplements 6. Vitamin C
Bring out the fruit because it is time to get your skin a new healthy glow! Vitamin C is essential in helping firm your skin as well as repair wounds.

7. Vitamin D
This should go hand in hand with your calcium intake. Vitamin D helps your body absorb and hold on to calcium which in return can prevent osteoporosis. This one is also super easy to take in because your skin can produce Vitamin D when it comes in contact with sunlight. So if you don't feel like adding extra cereals or juices to your diet, just give your body a little time in the sun every week.
women showing her supplements 8. Magnesium
One of the most important additions to your diet is Magnesium. It is responsible for keeping your heart healthy, your bones strong, your immune system in tact, and more than 300 physiological functions. Mainly found in nuts, whole grains, and fresh fruit, it is essential!

9. Potassium
Getting down to the basics, cell function is also impacted by your diet. Potassium that is found in bananas and prunes also reduces your chance of getting a kidney stones.

10. Vitamin B12
Last but not least, let's make sure your nerve function stays strong as well. Although Vitamin B12 can be found in dairy and poultry, it is advised that you talk to your healthcare professional about a supplement.

All of these suggestions can help you stay stronger and healthier. However, if you ever have any questions or concerns about the things you are eating or should be eating, please don't hesitate to speak to a professional. Health care providers can point you in the right direction.

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