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Personal Care Services




Our skilled, experienced care providers can live-in or outside the home. Many have received specialized dementia care training by the Alzheimer's Association, special dietary certifications, and a full range of educational and hands-on skills.

  • Long and short term Care

  • Live-in Caregivers

  • In-Hospital Care

  • After Surgery

  • Private-duty Care

  • In-home Private Care


Care management helps monitor care and supportive services, providing peace of mind to family members helping from a distance.

  • Professional, comprehensive assessment of needed care and support

  • Development of a plan for care

  • Coordination of outside services enabling clients to remain living

  • Comfortably at home




When you need temporary convalescent care, being away from home doesn't mean you have to feel alone. Our caregivers are with you in your Rehabilitation or Assisted Living Facility offering assistance as needed:

  • Ensuring you are fed and receive medications on time

  • Ensuring you are bathed and assisting you in dressing

  • Ensuring your linens and laundry receive proper care

  • Taking you for walks or providing transportation for your therapy sessions, your hair dresser and doctor appointments

  • Helping with banking needs, letter writing, reading, shopping or just companionship


We make sure your home is secure, mail and newspapers are brought to you, family and friends are contacted, your personal needs are cared for, and pets and plants are maintained. 

Your peace of mind is our priority. We're here for you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.




Personal Support Services, provided in conjunction with home care or care management, help the elderly remain engaged with family, friends, community and social activities. Recognizing the importance of companionship for the elderly, our services include spending time at home or hospital, rehab, assisted living or nursing home.

  • Watching TV, listening to music

  • Going to movies, going out to dinner

  • Listening and talking, playing cards

  • Daily Exercise, taking walks

  • Going to parks, going to the beach

  • Watching the sunsets


...or just being there when a friend is needed.Our staff encourages all seniors to stay active — with or without assistance in daily activities.



The involvement of a Personal Assistant varies according to needs and levels of service desired. Our screened Personal Assistants help with non-medical needs such as:

  • Business assistance, Daily Financial and Administrative Needs

  • Letter writing, Phone calls

  • Travel arrangements, Party arrangements, Bridge luncheons

  • Reminder services

  • Personal Bookkeeping Services, provided by bonded, experienced Financial Assistants, offer day-to-day help with ongoing financial affairs. Services tailored to a client's needs may include:

  • Bill paying, Checkbook balancing, Bank statement reconciliation

  • Organizing personal papers and end-of-year tax information (we don't prepare taxes)

  • Managing cash used for daily purchases and transactions (designated legal authority may be required)



Taking care of a loved one for any length of time is very stressful having an enormous effect on other obligations. You cannot properly care for a loved one without an occasional break. If YOUR mental well being is compromised, you can not properly care for your loved one.Take a break!

Our respite care staff will care for your loved one a few hours a day, all day, or as long as needed. Take a break! We'll be there for you!



We call you or your loved one each day at designated times. These check-in calls verify that all is well or if services such as medicines or meals are needed. We also provide reminder calls about social, business or medical appointments.

In cases of medical emergencies we are there immediately to support communications between you and the doctor, hospital, or medical facility.

Feeling secure is just a phone call away!



Our Exclusive Personal Assistants and Individual Companions are here to help you, or your loved one. We know how much you love your family members, but can't always be with them. Whether they are recovering from surgery, need long time care, have Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes or just need companionship, we are there to give them the TLC you would give if you could be there.

We take care of your loved one as though they were our own.

  • Remembering birthdays and special days

  • Helping them remember birthdays and special days of family and friends

  • Ensuring they receive immediate medical attention when needed

  • Notifying the family immediately in case of an emergency

  • Helping you or your loved one retain independence

  • Contact ElderCare for more information. Learn more about our Care Management Services


Medication Management


Too many medications? ElderCare can help. Don't be intimidated about taking your medications! At ElderCare we understand that knowing when to take medications, how to take medications, and simply remembering to take them can be difficult for may seniors.

Our Social Worker and the RN review all meds when beginning with a new client/patient unless the family states otherwise. We have a signed release to give us permission. Each patient has a med sheet with the name of the med, type of med, dosage, time, and doctor. In addition, copies of prescriptions and their side effects are included.

Meds are taken within the guidelines of the physician and the pharmacists, under the supervision of our trained professionals.

  • With or without food

  • Before bed

  • With what type of liquid

  • For what medical condition

Meal Planning & Preparation


Do you or your loved one find it difficult to adhere to doctor's and medication guidelines when it comes to nutritious meal planning? Do you have special dietary needs?

  • Diabetic

  • Sodium free

  • Hypoglycemic

  • Gluten-free

The elderly need nutritious well-balanced meals. Flexible, state-licensed home care services are available temporarily or permanently, part-time or around-the-clock, live-in or live out so you can rest assured you or your loved one is getting the required daily nutrition. Meal planning and preparation according to your individual dietary needs ensure there are no interactions with the prescribed medications.

Is nutritious meal planning a challenge? Creating an appropriate meal plan encourages an appetite leading to the enjoyment of three nutritious meals a day. We use the recommended food pyramid as a healthy guide to meal planning. We'll even do the grocery shopping. Your shelves will be replenished with the foods and products you are accustomed to using and eating. These include:

  • Fruits and vegetables

  • Dairy Products

  • Whole Grains

  • Fish and poultry

In addition, we ensure that medication is taken at the designated time, with or without food, as prescribed by the doctor and adhere to all Florida Regulations regarding administration and procedures of drugs and medications.


Meal preparation can be difficult for the elderly. We prepare meals and make sure food is ready at mealtime or for easy consumption later. In addition, we ensure you get the proper fluids (6 glasses of water daily) and engage in daily physical activity. Does your doctor recommend a walk after each meal? We'll accompany you. You're never alone with ElderCare.


Senior Transportation Services

Please note: Our transportation cars are not equipped for wheelchair transportation. 
If you need transportation with a wheel chair, we are happy to arrange that with one of our transportation partners for you!

Do you need someone to drive you to appointments? 
Would you like to continue feeling part of your circle of friends but can no longer drive yourself? 
Your car or ours - we can get you there. 




Our senior transportation services include anywhere you need to go including:

  • Doctor appointments

  • Treatment centers

  • Therapy appointments

  • Visit friends and relatives

  • Visit sick friends

  • Go shopping

  • Beauty parlors

  • Airports

  • Movies

  • Libraries, Book stores

  • Restaurants

  • Clubs & organizations

Other Transportation Services include: 

  • Keeping the car clean and maintained

  • Personal Record Management


  • Doctor's

  • Salon/Barber

  • Exams  

  • Lab tests

  • Xrays


Don't worry if you can't get out. Let us do the walking or driving for you and shop for:

  • Grocery

  • Pharmacy 

  • Dry cleaners/laundry mat

  • Manicure/Pedicure

  • Accountants/Attorneys'

  • Banking

In addition, we inventory non-perishable foods and staples that you use to guarantee you have what you need to stock your pantry. During hurricane season, we make sure you are completely stocked with food and emergency supplies to last through the storm.


  • Airport

  • Local relations/friends/family

  • Places of Worship

  • Local events

  • Van Wezel/Florida Studio/Opera House/Asolo


Don't want to travel alone? Don't want your loved one to travel alone? We'll accompany you wherever you go. Traveling internationally? 

No worries! Our passports are current! ElderCare Personal Assistants:

  • Help you pack

  • Ensure your passport is current

  • Make sure the proper adaptors for electrical appliances, such as hairdryers, are available

  • Have all tour arrangements confirmed

  • Have camera stocked with film

  • Develop and mail pictures to your loved ones

Do you have a social event to attend? Not a problem! 
You're never alone with ElderCare Services. 
Take us along to your party, movie, play, opera, or even a baseball game!



Need help running errands? Let us:

  • Pick up prescriptions

  • Do the grocery shopping

  • Go to the post office

  • Take pets to the vet

  • Shop for birthdays or holidays

  • Arrange for home repairs

  • Do any other errands needed


Where do you spend your summers? For those with dual homes, we:

  • Accompany you or your loved one moving from one residence to another

  • Pack up northern or southern home, make appointments, clean out refrigerator, purchase food, help you settle in

  • Close/open summer and winter home

  • Have mail forwarded/started

  • Have newspapers stopped/started

  • Have medications transferred

  • Have utilities started/stopped

  • Ensure you are safe and sound in your own home

Our Snowbird Services give you peace of mind when traveling from one home to another!




Do you need a helping hand with housekeeping? Sometimes the most routine tasks can become difficult for senior adults. 

  • Wash and dry dishes

  • Dust and vacuum 

  • Laundry and linens

  • Garbage

  • Sweep and mop floors

  • Clean bedrooms and bathrooms

  • Replace air conditioner filters


Home Maintenance


ElderCare Senior Care Concierge Services extend beyond medical needs to helping the elderly maintain their homes.

Whether inside or outside, repairing, installing, painting, or whatever, seniors can be an easy target for contractors. We are able to assist with referring to a properly licensed contractor for your home repair needs. Let us give you peace of mind!


Don't let contractors take advantage of you or your loved one! Home Maintenance does not need to be an issue for the elderly. Our in-home concierge maintenance services provides assistance by referring to the right contractor.

  • Ensure you or your loved one's house or villa is well maintained and no one takes advantage of you.

  • Contact outside contractors as well as interior and exterior maintenance workers.

  • Evaluate all bids to ensure that they are properly estimated and supervise all work and cleanup.

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